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Total Immersion

Traditional swimming instruction teaches you to swim like a land-dweller—arms windmilling and legs churning… for many repetitive laps. Total Immersion is the only program that teaches “fishlike” swimming— balanced, streamlined, slippery  and effortless. We start with simple skills and movements and progress by small, easily mastered steps. You’ll feel the difference almost immediately, and get more satisfaction from every stroke thereafter.

Much like yoga or tai chi, TI teaches a mindful approach to swimming. Our students consistently tell us that by swimming the TI way they sharpen their mind-body connection, increase their self- awareness and self-mastery leading to a greater physical and mental well-being.

LEARN BALANCE AND STABILITY Learn weightlessness by cooperating, not fighting, with the water and gravity. An effortlessly horizontal body moves through the water more easily and allows you to calm your churning legs. It also brings provides the body and mental calm necessary to focus on the skills that follow. 

LEARN TO BE SLEEK AND SLIPPERY Learn to move through the water, rather than move the water around, by: shaping your body to e longer, sleeker and more hydrodynamic; and moving your arms and legs in ways that reduce wave-making and turbulence while increasing forward motion. 

LEARN TO SWIM WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY Learn to replace churning arms and legs with surprising, yet effortless, power through relaxing weight shifts. Instead of generating muscular force, you will learn to direct “available” forces of body mass and gravity.

LEARN TO CHANNEL ENERGY FORWARD Integrate and harmonize the balance, streamline and propulsion skills you’ve learned by tuning your stroke length and tempo to swim at your best pace with the least effort.

Total Immersion Swimming